Intro to this resource

We are what we do. It’s time to land your dream and get the next-level clarity about what you want out of your career. This template will be your step-by-step guide to get there.

There are two main components to this workspace: Projects and Databases.

Projects are your road map to getting the job of your dreams from defining what you want to creating a position that may not even exist.

Databases are where all your information will be stored such as applications, companies, and contacts. Think about it as an advanced CRM but for job hunting.

Then there are Notion Automations that will help you add contacts (try it!), job posts, and companies to this space with one click. Don’t waste your time copy-pasting information manually.

And finally, there are additional learning to maximize your chances of success.

Enjoy, Bardeen Team

Get Your Dream Job In 60 Days

<aside> 💡 Important! The entire job-hunting process is made up of 6 projects. Click on them and check out the tasks in each.


Track Your Progress

<aside> 💡 Use these database templates to track your job applications, companies, and contacts. Best of all, you copy those with a click using Bardeen automations!





<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> Automations ****Optimize your workflow and save time with automations.