Welcome to the Ultimate Notion Automation Template!

For many, Notion is the hub for their entire business and life. But despite cool databases and fancy sync blocks, Notion can’t be your all-in-one workspace unless it is connected to the “outside world.”

This resource will help you do exactly that and help you get the most out of Notion. Automations will not only save you tons of time but will also unlock use cases for Notion that previously required dedicated apps and expensive subscriptions.

This template combines the best learning resources to automate Notion and ready-to-use databases.

We built the workspace around optimized for different job roles. Each use case consists of a dashboard with related DATABASES | DANGER ZONE and automations.

Finally, you can dive a few levels deeper and explore tools, automations, thought leaders, and learning resources.

Our ambition is to create the most helpful resource for Notion users to reclaim their time and get the most out of Notion with automations. We are building it in collaboration with fellow Notion geeks, so feel free to contribute here.

Ready? Let’s take your Notion to the next level together. 🚀